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Just Trade is an international trade software provider specialising in export / import procedures.

We develop solutions to remove the burden of administration from busy international trading companies.

Free export docs

Software solutions for trade

We have extensive knowledge of international trade procedures and can design solutions around your needs. Including:

Export Import Documentation Software CRM System Training & Consultancy
  • Brexit gap analysis
  • Export documentation and country procedures webinars
  • Onsite interactive training programmes
Export Import Documentation Software CRM System International Trade Export Documentation Software
  • Export documentation in seconds
  • Single entry to avoid user error
  • Link to your ERP solution
  • Works on any device - PC, Mobile and Smartphone
CRM System International Trade Customs Declaration Service
  • Make export and import customs declarations
  • Process import, export and transit shipments
  • Customs clearance messaging
  • HMRC compliant solution for communication with CDS

The software tool for international trade

Vision - To make international trade accessible to all businesses and individuals regardless of skills and knowledge. To take the hassle and complexity out of exporting and importing by finding low-cost solutions that enable businesses to trade freely across the world.

Goal - We aim to provide a single integrated online platform where exporters and importers can process orders, carry out export formalities and find information to fulfil international trade compliance obligations. All services should adopt the latest delivery methods and technologies with the aim to remove inefficient and wasteful practices.

With our impending departure from the EU, we are supporting British companies to trade more with overseas markets whilst readying themselves for the likely increase in administrative burdens from being outside the EU Customs Union and Single Market.

About Nicholas

Nicholas Tate is the Founder and Director of Just Trade. He has been working in the international trade arena for over nine years as Managing Director of Tate Freight Forms, a publisher of export/import documentation and information. During this time, he has seen that services for exporters and way in which they operate their businesses has not kept pace with other industries and he believes that many organisations could be operating more efficiently. Furthermore, businesses who are new to exporting often find difficulty in knowing how engage in this field. To address these challenges, he decided to start a new business with new products that reflect the way business operated today – hence Just Trade was born!

At Tate Freight Forms he has managed a realignment to predominately online service delivery. This has led to cost reductions and service improvements. He has overseen business expansion through the development of partner programmes with several leading Chambers of Commerce – including Cambridgeshire COC and East Midlands COC – and well-known forex provider, Western Union Business Services. He has been instrumental in the development of the Tradex Export Documentation platform; working alongside established exporting businesses (like John Hogg and Thales Group UK) to create solutions that speed up completion of repetitive tasks whilst improving document acceptance rates.

Nicholas has developed a programme of import and export training workshops with Institute of Export qualified instructors and spoken on matters concerning international trade and Brexit at various trade events.

Nicholas Tate
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