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Brexit gap analysis

If there has been one advantage to Brexit, it is a weak sterling, making UK products and services more attractive to overseas buyers. Now is a great time to export.

Nevertheless, international trade brings with it a multitude of compliance issues. Compliance issues which if ignored, can result in penalties which affect your bottom line – be they in the obvious form of disgruntled customers and fines, or the more insidious form of time consuming regulatory negotiations and fire-fighting.

We are conscious that you need to concentrate on your specialism, your business and that whilst doing that, some things – necessary but peripheral to your business - tend to take a back seat. You’re too busy doing what you do best to concentrate on dotting i’s and crossing t’s in the back office.

So allow us to do what we do best. Our audit aims to watch your back and point out areas of non-compliance and areas with potential for improvement, cost reduction or indeed cost avoidance.

We will visit your company and question appropriate staff involved in the export transaction. This will include staff in sales, the shipping department and credit control personnel. Your company will be measured against best in practice procedures. A comprehensive report will highlight those areas which need your attention

If you need our help addressing areas of weakness, we offer an ongoing support service.

Included in the price of the audit is a regulatory update service pertinent to your business.

Export documentation and country procedures webinars*

Just Trade – Training and Consultation – offers a programme of webinars for download covering export and import documentation procedures and processes. It looks at sources of information and how to access export / import related services online. Traders use this as a best practice to assist with understanding export documentation and how it should be applied successfully in the real-world.

Topics covered include:

Incoterms (shipping terms), duties and taxes, audit trail and HMRC, invoices and values, tariff codes (commodity codes), transport documents (CMR note, Air Waybills, Bills of Lading), documentation freight forwarders should provide, Origin of goods, export licences, documents required when trading with EU, Union Customs Code UCC, Commercial Documentation required for “British Return Goods”, Inward Processing relief (IPR) Process, Import VAT suspension and Deferment accounts.

This invaluable suite of downloadable courses is updated on a regular basis in line with changing rules and regulations. It is available exclusively to Just Trade - Expert as part of their annual licence or can be purchased separately.

*Service in development – release date to be confirmed. Register interest by filling in the form below or email

Interactive Export and Import Documentation and Procedure Course

This is a day-long inhouse programme involving use of cloud-based exercises to help you find and make use of information online to support your day-to-day export / import tasks. Topics covered include:


  • Incoterms® rules
  • Duties & Taxes
  • Audit Trail and HMRC
  • Type of invoices and values
  • Tariff codes - commodity codes
  • Transport documents - CMR, Air Waybills, Bills of Lading
  • Documentation Freight forwarders should provide
  • The Export Administrator Role
  • Commercial documentation
  • Documents & Procedures
  • Origin of goods
  • Export Licenses in brief

Shipping within the EU and beyond

What documentation is required to be kept for Audit purposes? How to handle the logistics of moving cargo from one country to another


  • Import process
  • Documentation and procedures
  • Customs controls – covered throughout
  • Changes under the Union Customs Code UCC
  • Commercial Documentation required for “British Return Goods” i.e. (proof of export)
  • What documentation is required to be kept for Audit purposes?
  • Content and requirements for documentation
  • Inward Processing relief (IPR) Process
  • Import VAT suspension
  • Deferment accounts

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