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Create export documentation from any device. SITPRO / UN aligned format documents with helpful hints and tips for completion guidance. Four package options to match your budget and need.

All exporters sending goods outside the EU must prepare an Export Invoice. This document provides evidence of the sales contract and should contain details that enable customs to calculate duties. Exporters must also complete a range of other documents and often find themselves working on multiple systems and spreadsheets. At Just Trade make things simple. We provide one system where you only need to complete things once and all documents are done!

We also know the complexities of international trade can lead to inefficiencies and costly errors. With Just Trade - Export Document Software we put the power in your hands, use our expert knowledge and experience to take control of your export and import operations and get it right first time.

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Create fully completed (PDF format) Export Invoice and Packing List in seconds for FREE using any device - PC, Mobile and Smartphone. Copy invoice items to packing items to avoid re-keying. Easily reorder lines with drag and drop capability to arrange by pallet, carton or other packing type. Last transaction details saved in your browser. Personalise your documents to present your brand.

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Exporters sending goods outside the UK must prepare an Export Invoice alongside a range of other documents. Nevertheless working on multiple systems and spreadsheets can be very time-consuming. Just-Trade makes everything simple by providing one platform for all documentation. We know the complexities of international trade can lead to inefficiencies and costly errors. However, Just-Trade gives you a unique solution that combines user-friendly tools with expert knowledge and guidance so that you can take control of your international trade operations with ease!

We have various package options to match your budget and requirement:

Services Export Guide EDS-Starter EDS-Expert
Responsive and flexible design
Accessible from any device
“Standard Export” - Invoice Packing, SSN, label SSN
“Roar Export” - Invoice Packing, CRM, label CRM
“DGN Export” - Invoice, Packing, DGN air or Sea, label DG
Air Waybill, label AWB
Manage transactions/Save details
Customised templates*
Import Sales Orders/Export Shipping Reports
Tate’s Export Guide (Country check) & International Trade Briefing
International Trade Helpdesk Support
Annual Price £479 £800 £1200
Additional User £120 £300 £300

*All consultation work is payable as a one-off fee in addition to subscription fee

* In development, release date to be confirmed. Register interest by filling in the form below or email enquiries@just-trade.co.uk.

**Price excludes cost of ERP integration and documentation design modification.

*** Annual renewal only.

Further information about services offered

Export invoice (commercial invoice)

An Invoice is the seller’s summary description of the goods supplied and how they are shipped. It is used worldwide by countries to monitor or control their imports and at least one copy usually travels with the goods except for transactions under letters of credit, where the nominated or negotiating bank normally forwards most documents separately after accepting them, and for the movement of community-free goods within the EU.

The information on a completed invoice embodies the commercial contract between seller and buyer governing the transaction, and there may be no other written contract. It gives information about the goods needed by the importer, carriers, customs and others, such as country of origin, tariff specification, gross and net weights, packaging, prices – unit price where applicable and total – and whether the goods have been insured. It states the terms of the transaction such as the applicable Incoterm® for delivery and any credit period allowed and gives instructions for payment. Some countries require the use of standard declarations, for example of the country of origin or manufacture or that the invoice give prices and other details correctly.

The information provided on a domestic invoice is generally unsatisfactory for export purposes. Exporters are, therefore, forced to create alternative word processing templates. Use of such templates can result in completion errors and omissions resulting in costly mistakes should goods get stopped in transit. The recommend UN-aligned export invoice format provides a best practice format for exporters and comes standard with all Just Trade solution options. Professional and Expert users can integrate with their ERP systems to avoid rekeying data.

Packing list

The consignor (shipper or seller) should normally provide a packing list to accompany the transport document. It is desirable to use a UN aligned document resembling an invoice but giving more room to give details of the goods instead of prices: shipping marks on cases, number and kinds of package (drums, cylinders, carton etc.), contents, dimensions (cube) in metric units, gross and usually net weight in kg and totals.

A packing list is important for the carrier in the compiling a cargo manifest, for customs in locating items and for telling the consignee what is in each package. If there is an accident or theft, reference to a packing list shows what has been lost or damaged. In the EU invoices need no longer travel with goods, so the packing list may be the only document which a lorry driver has to show what is in his vehicle.

All Just Trade Export Documentation users may organise packing items – with drag and drop – according to how the goods are finally packed, making it easier for customs should they wish to locate a particular package. There have been examples of where all cartons in an entire shipment have been opened.

CMR note (for international road transport)

The CMR note is a consignment note (transport document) with a standard set of transport and liability conditions for when goods are send by road within Europe and elsewhere. The Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road (CMR) applies to contracts for carriage of goods when the movement is between different countries of which at least one is of the following signatories:

Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova (Republic of), Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Uzbekistan. Declarations and revisions apply.

The CMR note may be completed by the consignor, freight forwarder or haulier. It is signed by the consignor (exporter), who is responsible for the accuracy of the information, when the goods are collected. The CMR note can be used as documentary proof of export for zero rating of VAT on invoices. Therefore, it is advisable the exporter completes in advance of collection. The CMR note may be completed by Just Trade Starter, Professional and Expert users.

Dangerous Goods Note (DGN)

The DGN is a transport document used to accompany hazardous goods in transit. It is used for all forms of surface transportation, for air movements an IATA Shipper’s Declaration is required instead. The DGN gives details concerning the nature of hazard of a consignment to carriers, receiving authorities and forwarders.

All hazardous materials related to the shipment must be identified and classified by the exporter. Penalties for inaccurate documentation or undeclared hazardous substances can be severe. There are nine classes of hazard type (for instance Class 3 - Flammable Liquids) to determine the nature of the hazard and three Packing Groups to indicate level of danger. It is important to seek advice from professionals well in advance of shipping goods.

Both these documents may be completed by Just Trade Starter, Professional and Expert users

Manage transactions / save details

Just Trade Starter, Professional and Expert users can store international trade transactions and record customer and product details. For businesses exporting on a regular basis it is essential to stay on top of export paperwork and have all the information ready so that documentation can be created when it is needed and without error. With Just Trade, users can setup transaction templates for regular repeat shipments.

Businesses that sell outside of the EU can zero rate invoices but they must be able to provide sufficient documentary evidence of the original transaction. Just Trade clients can store export order transactions for any amount of time and recall as the need arises.

Customised templates

We can modify our standard templates to match your needs. This includes modification of existing designs and functionality and creation of entirely new documentation that may be specific to your operations and industry.

This service is available for Professional and Expert users. All design and consultation work is payable as a one-off fee in addition the subscription fee.

ERP connectivity

For businesses with ERP or financial systems, links can be created to transfer transaction information into Just Trade – Export Documentation Software. From here users can create the export invoice, packing list and transport documents without having to re-key information twice. This extends the capability of your ERP solution for a fraction of the cost of configuring document templates and avoids use of spreadsheets or word-processing templates which can lead to costly mistakes.

This service is available for Professional and Expert users. All consultation work is payable as a one-off fee in addition the subscription fee.

Country procedure check

Check the latest updates to over 200 countries from Tate Export Guide. Find information on documentation, procedures, pre-shipment inspection, import licences and all other essential information you need to know when shipping to a specific country. This feature enables you to understand ancillary costs that can affect the bottom line and if duty preference can be claimed and how to comply with the procedures.

It informs you as to whether special declarations are required and whether you can send documents by email instead of courier. Tate Export Guide outlines the financial risk of trading with a particular market and getting paid and advised on suggested payment methods.

This invaluable information is updated on a regular basis and is available exclusively to Just Trade - Expert users who have access to any country report at the click of a button.

Export/import webinar downloads

Just Trade – Training and Consultation – offers a programme of webinars for download covering export and import documentation procedures and processes. It looks at sources of information and how to access export / import related services online. Users of Just Trade – Export Documentation Software can use this as a best practice resource to assist with understanding export documentation and how it should be applied successfully in the real-world.

Topics covered include:

Incoterms (shipping terms), duties and taxes, audit trail and HMRC, invoices and values, tariff codes (commodity codes), transport documents (CMR note, Air Waybills, Bills of Lading), documentation freight forwarders should provide, origin of goods, export licences, documents required when trading with EU, Union Customs Code (UCC), Commercial Documentation required for “British Return Goods”, Inward Processing relief (IPR) Process, Import VAT suspension and Deferment accounts.

This invaluable suite of downloadable courses is updated on a regular basis in line with changing rules and regulations. It is available exclusively to Just Trade - Expert users as part of their annual licence.

International trade helpdesk

Access to our panel of experts who can answer international trade related questions. Exclusive to subscribers of the Just Trade – Expert service, users can email requests for information on specific international trade queries that arise. We will then consult with our team and usually respond with an answer within 24hrs.

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